About Elgg

Elgg is a social network engine capable of being used in any kind of environment where a social network can be implemented (sports, health, companies, etc). It is highly customizable and easily adaptable when it comes to functionalities and aesthetics.

Elgg provides a complete administration of the social network. It also makes possible for the users to customized their profiles with interesting modules which show part of web content (widgets).

Main Characteristics

    Activities: Elgg provides and offers the user the possibility to see which activities have been made in the network, the user can filter that data for 'My last activity' or 'The last activity of my friends' which by default are all activities on the site. The user will be allowed to see only the items with the appropriate permissions.
    Profiles: here each user can define data to be public. Due to the creation of complementary modules, the administrator can set the fields according to the particular characteristics of the network, making it adaptable to the requirements of each project requirements.
    Groups: the users can create groups to introduce a particular topic and discuss about it with other users. The groups can be open to the whole community or restricted to some users only. All the corresponding permissions are set by the administrator/ creator.
    Blogs: users can create blog content and tag them, apart from that, they can embed videos and photos to the entries.
    Embeded Media: It allows the users to embed videos, images, music and files to blogs, pages, comments among other elements.
    Files: Elgg gives the possibility to upload pictures, word documents, music, PDF’s and many more types of files. The user can surf through them and locate them easily and simply by using tags.
    The Wire: with the inner microblogging service the users can write what they are doing and share it with others in real time; similarly to twitter service.
    Notifications: the notificatios are tools by which the users can be updated with news. They should only set the activity and the means to be notified; email or private message.

Extra Characteristics

Private messages

Users can send and receive private messages to other friend users.

Profile/Wall messages

Users can leave messages on other user’s profiles and they will be available for others users who visit that pofile.


Unlike blogs, the pages can nest content like a book.


Every user can access a page where they can see the activity the network have had.


Users can make friends with one an other. With this they enable special characteristics such us sending private messages and allowence to see some sort of content.


Quickly and simply, users are able to mark content from the network as favourite. These marks will be seen by the rest of the users.


Demo: experience here all that Elgg is capable of doing.


Keetup Development