Who we are

We are a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who see work as a way to have fun while creating projects, facing up new challenges and overcoming any difficulty.

And so we grow, updating themselves everyday, adding new ideas, improving what we do and leaving in our way happy people that some call Customers. Then, we get close to new opportunities and challenges with more solid knowledge and with energies to move forward into the new and unknown. Giving the best of ourselves to the success of projects.We learn, unlearn and create what did not exist before. That it's our way and our commitment. With excellence, maximizing creativity, a strong commitment to our clients and their passion projects.

They learn, they unlearn, and they create the new. Until one day, they became what they didn`t know they were: social network developers, experts in Elgg platform.

The Ten fundamental truths we are committed to:

  • 1 We are honest.
  • 2 We can be many things, many times, but above all we are Geeks.
  • 3 We don´t like what we do. We simply love it.
  • 4 We always go further. Always further.
  • 5 If you are selling the Bridge of Brooklyn, just keep out. If you see our plans, something huge is coming.
  • 6 We learn when we teach.
  • 7 No mate, no creation. No coffee, no discipline. No mate, neither coffee, don’t you dare to come in, there’s people on the brick of a nervous breakdown. (Vease Mate, wikipedia).
  • 8 If there is no challenge, there is no Keetup.
  • 9 We love Mondays. And we are ironic.
  • 10 Deadlines give us adrenaline, tension, coffee and mate ... but goto(8);
Know the team

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