Who we are

We are a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who see work as a way to have fun while creating projects, facing up new challenges and overcoming any difficulty.

And so we grow, updating ourselves everyday, adding new ideas, improving what we do and by doing so making other people happy, people who are called Customers. Then, we get close to new opportunities and challenges with more solid knowledge and with energies to move forward into the new and unknown. Giving the best of ourselves to the success of projects.We learn, unlearn and create what did not exist before. That is our way and our commitment. With excellence, maximizing creativity, strongly committing ourselves to clientes and fully engaging ourselves in their projects.

We learn, we unlearn, and we create the new. That's our way. With excellence, maximizing creativity; a huge compromise with our customers and big passion for their projects.

Be among the top 20 of innovative software development companies in Argentina.
Build innovative software that improves people's life.

​Keetup Essentials

  • 1 We love what we do.
  • 2 We solve problems simply (KISS).
  • 3 Evolution is the rule (Continuous Improvement).
  • 4 We work as a team.
  • 5 We try to be better people every day.
  • 6 We are excited about new challenges.
  • 7 We always try to put ourselves in the customer's shoes.
  • 8 We are agile.
  • 9 While we teach, we learn (Sharing knowledge).
  • 10 We are healthy people.
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