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Facundo Castagna Transforming ideas into projects

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A Proof of Concept or Minimum Viable Product (often referred to by its English acronym MVP) is a realization of a certain business idea to demonstrate its feasibility or a demonstration in principle, whose aim is to verify that some business idea has some potential. A Proof of Concept is usually carried out with minimum effort, in the short term and emphasizing functionalities and use.  At Keetup we are experts at generating successful Proof of Concept.

Target User

  • Entrepreneurs interested in launching a project from scratch and who have their own funding.
  • Companies interested in developing a new product or business unit.


  • To quickly develop a product.
  • To validate a business hypothesis.
  • To collect feedback from users.
  • To create movement in the website.
  • To obtain external funding for a tested product.  



I Zero Phase

. Analysis of the Business->Canvas

. Definition of Aims->Roadmap
. Definition of Metrics
. Prioritization of Functionalities

II Starting Up

. Definition of Standard Modules

. Implementation of a Comprehensive Social Network
. Set up of a Comprehensive Social Network


III MVP Develpment

. Initial Meeting

. Value Develpment

. Design and Layout

. Tetsing

. Retrospective

. Feedback

. Delivery

IV Measuring

. Definition of KPIs
. Development of Balanced Scorecard
. Gathering of data
. Metrics Analysis
. Counseling



  • Vast experience in the development of successful Proof of Concept.
  • Minimum effort measured in time and investment.
  • Time and cost saving due to the use of modules already developed by Keetup staff.
  • We invest in project innovation and differential value.
  • Fast product acceptance by the market .
  • Attractive and tested products for investors.
  • Quick feedback from users.
  • Validation of business hypothesis in the market.
  • We develop only the functionalities requested by users.
  • We substantially enhance the chances of project success.
  • Counseling and support from MVP delivery to securing external funding.



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Pedro Prez Professional Elgg Theme 1.5.3 is already here!

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Good news!

We tirelessly keep improving the best and most complete existing theme for Elgg ;)
On this last version we have included the following bug fixes:

  • Correction on the home setting options.
  • The administrator can update the home from a new admin tab.
  • More efficient storage system on the admin settings section.
  • Elgg social login support. 

We highly recommend to those who have bought the theme to update its newest version. You already know the update methods. If you have some questions you can ask about it through the contact form

You can try the new version on the Demo of the theme using the following credentials:
User: socialdemo 
Pass: socialdemo

If you still haven't acquired the theme yet you can check it out on our Products section.

PS: We are now working on a responsive version of the theme, so this is the perfect time to get it, trust me ;)

See you later!

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Diego Gallardo New version of Professional Elgg Theme 1.5.2

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We are continually working to make this product the best elgg theme of the market, that is why we have launched this new version which includes many bug fixes and improvements. 

This version contains:

  • Home Page with walledgarden support.
  • A setting where you can edit the home page html, and footer html links too.
  • A setting where you can change the logo, favicon.

We suggest to update your "Professional Elgg Theme" version asap. You can try this out here. If you want to buy this theme you can visit our products section

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German Bortoli Events Plugin 1.2 available now

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A new version for events plugin is now available to buy in our product page, we added new and cool features.

  • Add all day event option, now you can mark an event as all day duration.
  • Full Spanish language support.
  • Add a dashboard widget, it will appear on sidebar with latest events.
  • Improvements for invite users button.
  • Improvements on event tab, now it is possible to view the invited users if you are the owner of the current event.
  • Add user friendly tabs on event profile.
  • Better invite users form.

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German Bortoli New version of Professional Elgg Theme 1.5.1

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We are continuously working to be the best elgg theme on the market, for that reason we have to include a new release that includes many bugfixes.

This release includes:

  • Breadcrumb style fix.
  • Add new default logo, for your social network.
  • Better integration with profile manager plugin.
  • Fix on blogs listing style.
  • Professional Elgg theme backward compatibility fix with style variables.

We encourage to upgrade to this version as soon is possible.

You can try the theme here.

If you want to get that theme please visit our products section.


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Pedro Prez

Pedro Prez

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Gustavo Bellino

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