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Gustavo Bellino 2010 ElggCampBA Elgg another great event successful!

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ElggCampBA 2010 Banner

And after several days of that event (and a little more calm) can attest that another event has occurred Elgg successfully. We can not but thank the companies (sponsors) that contributed to it, and OnlineCouples Arck.

The event has been as planned, place, time, number of people, etc. Everything has been great. According to comments, the talks had been a very interesting and thank you all for being, listened and participated in them.
On the other hand this is not just a elgg event also had raffles chopped (which at that time of the evening looked very appetizing Buenos Aires) and the coveted gimmick: the iPod Shuffle.

And between elgg talks, snacks, raffles and much networking is gone ElggCampBA 2010 meeting expectations and nurturing the community of this great tool that makes us so happy: Elgg!

On the other hand, like last year (ElggCampBA 2010), the day after the spring event was held on Elgg code where we talked very relaxed and programming a module for the tool.
Now organize the ElggCampBA 2011, but no time to prepare for the board comes with everything.

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Pedro Prez ElggCampBA 2010, is now a reality!

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And yes ... it was time. After a year of the first ElggCamp to organize (and it was successful) in the city of Buenos Aires, it was turn to the long-awaited 2nd edition of this event.

It is obvious that this event did not organize themselves, but we do so with a firm friend, Condiminds .

For the 2nd given the challenge to turn what was the event last year to more than style event Barcamp . This means we will be open to all interested parties wishing to participate exposing a presentation, so if you are interested please write to your computer (at)

We also take this entry for all persons / companies interested in collaborating with us, economically, can do through our plan sponsors , which are certainly very accessible. Dale ... sumate!

The proposed event for this year, consists of two parts which were held on different days:

The first, regarding the talks and presentations where the themes are probably closely related to technical matters of Elgg (all levels), success stories of this platform and strategies of how to exploit its full potential. This event will be held on November 11, 2010, at 18.30hs in QUATTRO BAR (thanks to them for providing the space!). If you wish to register can do so through our registration form .

The second, and that we like is the Sprint Code of Elgg. For those who do not know what a code sprint, this is a meeting of developers interested in working in a given open source project [1], which in our case is Elgg. Its duration is approximately 5 hours where we will have something useful to Elgg. The code sprints are well known in the Python world but in this case we have decided to implement it in software like this. The same is going to take place in Buenos Aires Workstation (thanks for the good vibes), on November 12, 2010 from 14hs. You can register for this event following the registration link .

In closing, we thank all our supporters to carry out this event and all I can add is: join us!

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Gustavo Bellino Santa Fe Valley 3, a complete success

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Although several days have elapsed since the completion of the last Santa Fe Valley does not want to miss the whole team thank you for allowing Keetup, once again, form part of the group of sponsors.
Congratulations for the event, although this time the weather played a trick on them in each issue attracts more people from the city of Santa Fe and surrounding areas. In his last presentation to 400 people attended the event, so we conclude that it has been a great success! You can find photos of the event here .
The entire team looks forward to the next Keetup Santa Fe Valley realizasrse possibly in November 2010.

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