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Facundo Castagna The companies are made of people … and Keetup has a Team!

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Never better said this truth ... A business beyond its products or services, are made of people.

This year has been a year of big achievements. We grew, we’ve got completed projects, satisfied clients and big social networks. We love what we do. To convert an idea into reality is our 'leit motiv', to convert dreams into Social Networks. But this is just possible with passion and professionalism. With commitment. Creating a team. But fundamentally, our big secret, it is possible with the people that is behind (or actually, at front) of the company.  

Our company grew. There is new people that has being added to the team, and we all together, keep growing. Accentuating Keetup’s culture: passion, to have fun, commitment, and innovation.

And, as the Team deserved, we wanted to give a big party to celebrate this. Because its necessary to celebrate. We are a company that likes celebrations. And we have proposed to ourselves to have a beautiful day joining all the Team and their families. Because we feel Keetup as our own home. 

Barbecue could not miss, we had cheese and italian salami snacks, wine, beer, little Keetupers playing around (our future!!), lottery awards and a lot of fun. 


Because Keetup is made of people, we toast for each one of them. 

Keetup has a GREAT TEAM!

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Facundo Castagna CELEBRATE!

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Today we are not talking about business or projects. Or trends or innovations. Today is a date to celebrate and to be thankful. To laugh and to toast. 

After a year of a lot of work and and growth, a lot of fun, hours of ‘mate’ and passion, Holidays are here, almost without noticing. 

Christmas symbolises peace, love, family, union, and hope. That is why we want to use this way to wish you a Merry Christmas!! to everybody who trusted, trust and will trust us, our customers, to our friends and specially to those who have a lot of patience with us, our families who form this great team, Keetup!

We hope Jesus brings us all love, peace, health and a lot of happiness. To you all, your families and the people you love. 

And 2014 is coming! Keetup wishes you a great year, full of happiness, dreams to make true, and new ones to reach. 

Once again, happy holidays!

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Pedro Prez Press: From Reconquista to the World, your social network developed by Keetup

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Reconquista Urbano made us a note on Sunday that we share with you today:

Pedro Prez is part of Reconquista and Keetup to sell 95% of its production abroad and have the World Bank, Roche, the government of Buenos Aires among its customers.

On one wall of the Italian plumber jumping from a pipe Nintendo trying to reach a fungus that spreads radioactive life as a turtle winged flies over one of the monitors in the room.

What could be the room of a teenage nerd is actually a dream come true for a teenage nerd who now lives in the adult world exporting technology.

One of their brains lived his entire neighborhood youth still latent in San Martin, is Pedro Prez, born in 1983, when computers began to change the world, when Microsoft offered the 1.0 version of the word processor Word for DOS or separated ARPANET military network that originated, so as no military purpose, that date may be considered as the birth of the Internet or when Richard Stallman announced the GNU project publicly. The interviewee of Urban Reconquista nacEia on this date to be the protagonist three decades after the revolution of social networking..

Damián Rolón Ortiz: What is Keetup?

Pedro Prez: Keetup is a software company that develops social networks for different sectors, whether for personal enterprise, that of a company, university or institution. Many people dream of creating a social network to change the world and we are in the task of making that dream come true.

Damián Rolón Ortiz: So the question for this interview will Ques ender is a social network?

Pedro Prez: a social network is a tool where different actors, people, institutions, companies, are related to a common goal which is to communicate. Today the Internet is undergoing a major shift everything social because people are by nature social beings, that is why we see social networks everywhere, games, blogs, online diaries, maps.

Damián Rolón Ortiz: The common man understands only Facebook or Twitter as a social network, then one might ask for a social network like one if you can get a Facebook page What are the advantages of having one's own network social?

Pedro Prez: The person, institution or company that decides to make its own social network platforms are looking for something that is not give you full control over it. Then there is the issue of data and information that the ususarios share, interests, likes, comments, which we know are the most valuable treasure that can have any social network, why Facebook is free and will remain so, and is what allows today than any web business work. Tambi'n a social network could be for internal use by a company, which is increasingly more companies and for obvious all that information generated should remain privately.

Damián Rolón Ortiz: How is made and born Keetup?

Pedro Prez: Keetup founded with the goal of being a company difernete, bringing together their efforts on something very specific professionalized to the point of being refente worldwide making.


It consists of a group of about ten diferenes professional disciplines including programmers, designers, testers, analysts, that interact in a coordinated manner to achieve quality products.


Damián Rolón Ortiz: How are the days Keetup?

Pedro Prez: If its a deadline day ... better stay away. Other days you tend to be relaxed, there are very good atmosphere in the office.

Damián Rolón Ortiz: he company has ISO 9001:2008 certification. How is this accomplished?

Pedro Prez: Certify it took a lot of effort and sacrifice, was a process that lasted for about a year, but it was hard for those jumps that are necessary if one wants to take as a company grows. With ISO we reorganized and today we see the result of that effort as our entire supply chain as well as the significantly improved customer satisfaction.

Damián Rolón Ortiz: It is clear that the neighborhood pantry not need its own social network so help us see better. Who are clintes of Keetup?

Pedro Prez: Keetup primarily serves around the world, in 2012 we export 95% of our production. Our main customers are in Europe (44%), followed by the U.S. (31%), the remaining percentage is distributed between Asia and Latin America. The profiles of each of our clients are diverse, we have worked with universities, governments, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Regarding Social Networks have created all kinds: educational, to improve internal communication between employees, purchase and sale, gaming, sports, fashion, sharing interests, to find pairs of Interchange of conociemientos, for entrepreneurs, for bartenders, job, kids, food, pets, hunting business. Some of our most important clients are the World Bank, Roche, The Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Yellow Pages, Hypermarkets Easy, Four Roses Bourbon, Litpral National University, University of Santiago de Chile.

Damián Rolón Ortiz: What was the most interesting to work faced and why?

Pedro Prez: We made many curious social networks, but there was a very particularly strange was so elitist, register cost more than $ 1,000 and was designed for celebrities and upper class American. Unfortunately did not succeed, but it would have been very mad if that would have worked.

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Gustavo Bellino Elgg 1.8.11 is ready!

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We would like to thank all the Elgg team for giving us updates constantly, and then, we would like to communicate that the versions of Elgg 1.8.11 and 1.7.16 are ready.

As usual you can download them on the official site.

The version 1.8.11 solves a security problem accidentally added on the version 1.8.10, and the last one incorporates very important and useful news, like:

  • A list of administrators on the Administration section, 
  • The entities of the modules are now cached, 
  • Removed superfluous commas in JS files to fix IE compatibility,
  • The Twitter API has been fixed, 
  • And some more technical improvements. 

For newbies, we are going to present a detailed guide that explains how to install Elgg, don't miss it!


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Gustavo Bellino We are proud to launch

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Cercamia is a social network to exchange knowledge, presents, events, projects, languages, and much more. You just have to register and login and add your interests, select what would you like to offer, and what would you like to get in exchange, you have to suggest something you would like to invite, and what you would like to be invited for, and then you can go to the the advanced search and easily find people with similar interests who matchs your likes near you.

This social network is aimed to cultural and technological activities and its objective is to join people and companies.

Although there are a lot of social networks now a days, is the unique in its kind and it has a big proyection because of being so innovative.


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Pedro Prez

Pedro Prez

Co-founder, Developer and Technical Advisor on Elgg

Gustavo Bellino

Gustavo Bellino

Co-founder and Project leader

Diego Gallardo

Diego Gallardo

Expert Elgg developer

Natalia Hallam

Natalia Hallam

Sketches + colours + dreams = Creative Design

German Bortoli

Germán Bortoli

Expert developer on AJAX Tecnologies

Leandro Rivero

Leandro Rivero

Advisor and Community Manager




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