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Facundo Castagna Transforming ideas into projects

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A Proof of Concept or Minimum Viable Product (often referred to by its English acronym MVP) is a realization of a certain business idea to demonstrate its feasibility or a demonstration in principle, whose aim is to verify that some business idea has some potential. A Proof of Concept is usually carried out with minimum effort, in the short term and emphasizing functionalities and use.  At Keetup we are experts at generating successful Proof of Concept.

Target User

  • Entrepreneurs interested in launching a project from scratch and who have their own funding.
  • Companies interested in developing a new product or business unit.


  • To quickly develop a product.
  • To validate a business hypothesis.
  • To collect feedback from users.
  • To create movement in the website.
  • To obtain external funding for a tested product.  



I Zero Phase

. Analysis of the Business->Canvas

. Definition of Aims->Roadmap
. Definition of Metrics
. Prioritization of Functionalities

II Starting Up

. Definition of Standard Modules

. Implementation of a Comprehensive Social Network
. Set up of a Comprehensive Social Network


III MVP Develpment

. Initial Meeting

. Value Develpment

. Design and Layout

. Tetsing

. Retrospective

. Feedback

. Delivery

IV Measuring

. Definition of KPIs
. Development of Balanced Scorecard
. Gathering of data
. Metrics Analysis
. Counseling



  • Vast experience in the development of successful Proof of Concept.
  • Minimum effort measured in time and investment.
  • Time and cost saving due to the use of modules already developed by Keetup staff.
  • We invest in project innovation and differential value.
  • Fast product acceptance by the market .
  • Attractive and tested products for investors.
  • Quick feedback from users.
  • Validation of business hypothesis in the market.
  • We develop only the functionalities requested by users.
  • We substantially enhance the chances of project success.
  • Counseling and support from MVP delivery to securing external funding.



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Facundo Castagna We love celebrating!

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The end of the year 2014 is coming, hence we have been feeling highly motivated to celebrate. We so much enjoyed our end-of-the-year gathering.

Different things happened, not only personally but also professionally speaking. We set up a new office, we got new clients, we finished challenging projects and felt extremely proud of the outcome. There were several changes in the company such as the creation of new areas, we got a foosball which everyone enjoys after lunchtime. We have incorporated new members to the team: Lucas, Leandro, Alexis, Damián, Alejandra and Cintia; Felipe – Facundo’s son – was born and Candelaria – Emanuel’s daughter – was born. We truly believe there is so much future here at Keetup.

All throughout this year we have boomed, learnt, taught, also made mistakes but above all, we have dreamt. Many projects have been carried out and many more are yet to come as we will continue along the path of challenge, innovation and improvement.

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate therefore Keetup members decided to meet up at a beautiful weekend house. From early hours in the morning on Saturday, some members of the team played football while others preferred volleyball in the swimming pool. Early  in the afternoon we ate up a delicious roasted leg of lamb together with some cold cuts and other tasty snacks.

Some hours later, we had a breakdance challenge; we even made up an American idol-style jury. It was time for laughing chatting and enjoying ourselves.

The sun was beginning to set and it was time for raffles. This was an exciting moment since everyone was looking forward to it. All members got prizes among which there were lamps, massagers, portable mobile chargers, deck chairs, headphones and so much more.

The meeting lasted up to late in the evening. Around 11 pm some people from the team started to play the guitar. It was such an enjoyable and amusing day that nobody wanted to leave the beautiful weekend house. We had a fantastic Saturday; regardless of the hot and sunny weather. It was a magical evening.

Late in the evening we made a toast. We raised our glasses to our successful working year; thinking about our families, our clients and the year to come. Keetup says “Cheers!”

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Facundo Castagna The companies are made of people … and Keetup has a Team!

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Never better said this truth ... Beyond its products or services companies are made of people.

This year has been a year of big achievements. We grew, we’ve got completed projects, we’ve satisfied clients and created big social networks. We love what we do. Making yours ideas come to life is our 'leit motiv', making dreams come Social Networks. But this is just possible with passion and professionalism; with commitment. Creating a team. But fundamentally our big secret is possible with people who is not only leading but also behind the company.  

Our company grew. There is new people that have been added to the team, and we all together keep growing. Highlighting Keetup’s culture: passion, fun, commitment, and innovation.

And as the team deserved, we wanted to give a big party to celebrate all this. Because we believe it’s necessary to celebrate. We are a company that likes celebrations. All the team and their families arranged to meet and have a beautiful day off work. We strongly feel Keetup is our home. 

We cad barbecue, cheese and Italian salami, snacks, wine, beer and little Keetupers playing around (our future!!), raffle awards and a lot of fun. 


Because Keetup is made of people, we toast for each one of them. 

Keetup has a GREAT TEAM!

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Facundo Castagna CELEBRATE!

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Today we are not talking about business, projects, trends or innovations. Today is a date to celebrate and to be thankful; to laugh and toast. 

After a year of a lot of work and and growth, a lot of fun, hours of ‘mate’ and passion, holidays are here, almost without noticing. 

Christmas symbolises peace, love, family, union, and hope. That is why we want to use this way to wish you a Merry Christmas!! to everybody who trusts and will trust us, our customers, to our friends and specially to those who have a lot of patience with us, to our families who form this great team, Keetup!

We hope Jesus brings us all love, peace, health and a lot of happiness. To you all, your families and the people you love. 

And 2014 is coming! Keetup wishes you a great year, full of happiness, fulfilled dreams and new ones to fulfill. 

Once again, happy holidays!

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Pedro Prez Press: From Reconquista to the World, your social network developed by Keetup

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Reconquista Urbano wrote a report based on an interview with Keetup and we are glad to share it with you today:

Keetup member Pedro Prez is from Reconquista and he is responsible for selling 95% of its production abroad and having the World Bank, Roche, and the government of Buenos Aires among its customers.

On one wall of the Nintendo Italian plumber is jumping from a pipe trying to reach a fungus that spreads radioactive life as a winged turtle flies over one of the monitors in the room.

What could be the room of a teenage nerd is actually a dream came true for a teenage nerd who now lives in the adult world exporting technology.

One of Keetup brains lived his entire youth in San Martin neighbourhood, Santa Fe province. Pedro Prez was born in 1983, when computers began to change the world, when Microsoft offered the 1.0 version of the word processor Word for DOS, when ARPANET separated from the military network which had previously originated it. So this date may be considered, with no longer military purposes, as the birth of the Internet or else when Richard Stallman announced the GNU project publicly. The interviewee of Urban Reconquista was born in this moment to become, three decades later, a protagonist in this social networking revolution.

Damián Rolón Ortiz: What is Keetup?

Pedro Prez: Keetup is a software company that develops social networks for different sectors, whether for personal enterprise, for a company, university or institution. Many people dream of creating a social network to change the world and we are in the task of making that dream come true.

Damián Rolón Ortiz: So a key question in this interview will be “What is a social network?”

Pedro Prez: A social network is a tool where different actors, people, institutions, companies, are related to a common goal which is to communicate. Today the Internet is undergoing major changes which influence social issues and this is simply because people are by nature social beings. That is why we see social networks everywhere such as games, blogs, online newspapers, maps.

Damián Rolón Ortiz: The common man considers only Facebook or Twitter as social networks, then one might ask: What are the advantages of having one's own social network if you can get a Facebook page?

Pedro Prez: The person, institution or company that decides to develop its own social network is looking for something that these platforms are not giving them: full control over it. Then, there is the issue of data and information that users share like interests, likes and dislikes, comments, etc. which we know are really valuable when  it comes to social networks. Take Facebook for instance, it is free and it will remain so. This makes possible that business webs operate effectively. On the other hand, a social network could be also used for private matters in the case of companies, for example.

Damián Rolón Ortiz: How was Keetup born? 

Pedro Prez: Keetup was founded with the goal of being a different company, where each professional member works hard to reach goals and become a worldwide leading model in the market. 

It is made up of a group of about ten different professional disciplines including programmers, designers, testers, and analysts who interact in a coordinated way to achieve high quality products. 

Damián Rolón Ortiz: How are days at Keetup?

Pedro Prez: If it is deadline day you’d better stay away. Other days we tend to be relaxed, there is a very good atmosphere in the office.

Damián Rolón Ortiz: The company has ISO 9001:2008 certificate. How is this accomplished?

Pedro Prez: Getting this certificate involved a lot of effort and sacrifice, the process lasted for about a year. Although it was hard we think of it as a qualitative leap to make our company grow. With ISO we reorganized things and today we see the results of our efforts. We have significantly improved customers’ satisfaction.

Damián Rolón Ortiz: Help us to have a clear idea of who are Keetup clients.

Pedro Prez: Keetup primarily serves around the world, in 2012 we exported 95% of our production. Our main customers are in Europe (44%), followed by the U.S. (31%), the remaining percentage is distributed between Asia and Latin America. Clients profiles are diverse, we have worked with universities, governments, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Regarding Social Networks we have created different ones: educational, to improve internal communication between employees, purchase and sale, gaming, sports, fashion, interests sharing, knowledge interchange , for entrepreneurs, for bartenders, jobs, kids, food, pets, hunting business. Some of our most important clients are the World Bank, Roche, The Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Yellow Pages, Hypermarkets Easy, Four Roses Bourbon, Litoral National University, University of Santiago de Chile.

Damián Rolón Ortiz: What was the most interesting work so far and why?

Pedro Prez: We made many social networks, but there was one in particular. It was so elitist, the registration cost was more than $ 1,000 and it was designed for celebrities of the American upper class. Unfortunately, it did not succeed, but it would have been really weird if it had worked.

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Pedro Prez

Pedro Prez

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Gustavo Bellino

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