We have worked hard for over a year, reading, attending lectures, learning, having questions, many doubts, and all throughout this process we have prepared the company to make it a better company and achieve ISO 9001 certification the processes of building social networks.

As mentioned, obtaining certification was not an easy task. All the company had to go through four audits, two internal and two external. Each of these audits threw a list of improvements and suggestions that we had to perform. Finally, on March 1, 2012 the external auditor for TUV Rheinland Guido Castagnasso mentioned us that "Keetup certified ISO 9001:2008".

Why is it necessary to certify ISO 9001? It is a very good question. I will try to answer it briefly. Installing a software company is simple, quick and easy, you only need a computer and internet connection. Maintaining the order, the control and the efficiency is very difficult to achieve, though. Not to mention if you try to achieve effectiveness. In our particular case we thought we were doing things right, however, after the auditors went through the company we realized we were not seing the true reality. Having the certification involves things like sitting down and defining an ideal company, from keeping the server in a place without papers or anything that may potentially generate a fire to define each of the processes of all roles involved in the company. Secondly, the auditors "force you" to comply that defined ideal company and, of course, to follow all points that ISO 9001 demands.

After certification, our product will have a better quality because, precisely, we have begun to follow the process for "social networking" guaranteed by the certification. Our customers will notice the change.

We are very happy with what we have achieved and this gives us the strength to think we can accomplish things that we propose.

Would we do it again? Absolutely. It has cost us a lot of effort and time, but now it's time to move on continuous improvement and, of course, enjoy the well deserved achievement.