What will you find within this demo?

Within this demo you will find a template where all the basic views of Elgg (from the register form to the user interface) has been modified to obtain a unique product that is totally adapted to the client needs. Explore by yourself the main characteristics of Elgg by clicking on the link below the images.

These images show how the template looks like inside:

  • Image 1
  • Image 2
  • Image 3
  • Image 4
  • Image 5
  • Image 6

What are the introduced changes?

The following functionalities have been conveniently modified:

  • Upper Bar: a slight modification to the fonts, finishing touches to the colours and improvements to the design give to this platform the clear style 2.0.
  • Dashboard: the work realized on the river list allows to obtain a clearer look and feel.
  • List of objects: they were redesigned for a better visual integretation
  • Messages: the social network messages are published differently to give a better visual organization.
  • User Profile: widgets, fonts ad colours are introduced with a clean and soft aspect.
  • Icons set: a complete Icon set was created to give the user new experiences.
  • Image 7
  • Image 8
  • Image 9
  • Image 10
  • Image 11
  • Image 12

To access and work with this demo, please click on this button and enter the following access credentials:

User: socialdemo Password: socialdemo


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