Elgg is a social network platform that can adapt itself to any kind of requirement; so that, we can offer precise and custom-made solutions.


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Our Services


Social networks development: the whole development is carried out by just adapting the specific requirements of each customer, who obtain a personalized social network in just a couple of days.


Module development: the modules are one of the most powerful tools of Elgg. They add up different functions to the system, from the simplest to the most complex ones. This enables us to extend the visits and to use code pieces that have already been developed. At Keetup the modules are developed and adapted to the different social networks, according to customer’s requirements.


Templates development: the interaction between user and system is created with the graphic interface where the design plays a vital role for the customer experience. The different visualization or display forms are obtained with a theme module; this allows Keetup to get a personalized appearance according to the customer requirements and a perfect integration with the system.


Migrations: the experience in developing and handling social networks that Keetup possesses allows us to offer the migration service, transferring data and functionalities from any social network already made in any platform (phpBB, Dolphin, Ning, etc) to Elgg.


Projects done


We have learned how to analyze and think just like the best practices of Elgg suggest. Thanks to all this, our projects stand out with the design and functionalities as well. Find some of our works here.


The Community connects us


Keetup involves itself actively with the Elgg Community. We answer users’ posts, work on different projects and provide our own developed modules for the members’ profit.

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