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A Theme which stands out for its simplicity and professional aesthetic. Undoubtedly, one of the best Elgg Themes ever. Available for versions 1.7 and 1.8


Elgg 1.7 and 1.8 compatible.

Cross browser support with all modern browsers.

Beautiful, prefessional, neat and stylish landing page.

The administrator can select their own site colors with a color picker tool.

The administrator can easily customise the home page html.

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user: socialdemo

pass: socialdemo

This module allows to login to the social network with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Gmail credentials, it also allows to invite friends of those platforms.


Login with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Gmail

Invite friends of Facebook, Linkedin, Gmail, and normal emails

Allows to add products to the social network (paypal support).


List of products.

Product profile.

Allows to contact with the owner with a direct message.

Choose if comments are allowed.

Allows to enter these product information:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Price
  • Currency
  • Image gallery (Limit of 5 images )
  • Tags
  • Categories support
  • Paypal button support
  • Enter some contact information.

This module allows to positionate the social network on the most known search engines improving the SEO faciliatating information for sites like Facebook and Google+



This will automatically generates seo meta keywords and Meta descriptions for all your elgg entities like blogs, bookmarks, photos, videos etc.

Works with almost all Elgg plugins which have tags and description fields -Easily configure most of the metatags headers like revisit, robots, author, google site verification etc.

Provides social media support for the site image, titles, and description (when someone shares your site link in socialmedias like facebook).

Increases traffic to your Elgg websites by optimizing it for search engines.


This product allows the social network administrator to send notifications to all the users with the possibility to create email campaigns, segmented by countries and interests.



List of email campaigns with status message if completed or not.

Add an option to "Notify everybody" or create "Segmented" emails.

Segmented emails can filter users by country or interests (tag search autocomplete).

Ability to exclude users from segmented emails.

This module incorporates a "Job Offers" section to the social network. The users of the social network would be able to apply for a job including the Resume (curriculum).


Administrators can add Job offers.

The users can filter by category and apply for jobs (attaching a Resume).

When a user applies for a job the administrator will receive an email.

The administrators can see the list of users that have applied for a job.

This module allows companies to register. Inside the social network the companies can be listed and users can choose to belong to a company.


Company creation through admin invitatation or creation.

Company profile.

Allow a user to follow a company.

List of companies.

Company login.

Company profile Badge.

Allows site administrators to add advertising in different sections and positions.


Add advertising into different positions: left sidebar, right sidebar, top, bottom.

Add advertising into different site sections: blog, events, photos, videos.

The plugin setttings allow to edit or add new advertising positions into the site.

Allow social events to network.


With the following features:


Invite guests to the event.

List people attending, not attending and maybe attending.

Illustrative visualization Calendar Event with monthly, weekly and daily.

Allows the user to delete himself from the Social Site.


The user has in his settings the option to delete himself.

When the user deletes himself (the user is disabled, but not deleted) and receives an email.

The user must confirm the email to delete permanently from the Site.

This module allows to visualize general notifications of the social network (messages, friendship requests, and site notifications).

  • Platform: Elgg


General notifications where the user has participated.

Received internal messages.

Friendship requests.

Is it possible to try this module clicking here

This module allows to add content directly on the Activity (dashboard). The users can add their status, events, questions, pictures, and videos. All those features are included on the module. 

Is it possible to try this module clicking here


State (with the possibility to post it on Facebook and Twitter).


Events Support.


All the content is added with ajax.

Is it possible to try this module clicking here

This module allows to visualize search results on real time. This is a very recommendable feature for any type of social network. 

  • Platform: Elgg


Simple search through ajax.

Improve the usability of the platform with live results.

Nice way to search for users.

Grouped results by type.

Is it possible to try this module clicking here

This module allows to create circle of friends like google+ to clasify users and content. A great feature for any type of social network.


Is it possible to create circles, drag and drop friends inside them.

Users can filter the content of the social network by circle.

Is it possible to try this module clicking here

This module allows users to add their experience and education on a resume/curriculum. Allows to view user curriculum into a print view.


Add experience with time period and description.

Add curriculum with time period and description.

View the curriculum into a printable version.

Add a widget the user profile.

Allows to display bubble tips next to your new features.


Add new bubble tips with text explaining the feature.

Order the features tips, and show next/close buttons.

Display users how to use the new Site Features.


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