Testimonials of some of our clients

Here you are going to be able to find some of the testimonails that our clients wrote us:

Brett Profitt
“Keetup produces some of the most interesting and unique plugins for Elgg and makes many of them available for free on the Elgg Community site. I had the chance to meet their development team as one of the sponsors of Elgg Camp Buenos Aires and was impressed with their ambition, passion, and dedication. I always look forward to seeing their latest themes and plugins!

Brett Profitt, Lead Developer at Curverider

Venkat Gullapalli
“As organization in the healthcare space, our requirements were very specific. Pedro and the folks at Keetup were exceptional in their understanding, response and skills and providing us exactly what we needed. We are continuing to work with Keetup on other new ongoing projects as well. We recommend them without hesitation

Venkat Gullapalli, CEO, Gullapalli and Associates, LLC

Pamela E. Bailey
“Working with Keetup was a great experience! They were professional and able to provide a budget and time-frame before I engaged them. This was something that other Elgg programmers could not do. They delivered the project on-budget and on-time. They even exceeded my original expectations with the social media network that they produced. The fact that I am in the United States and they are in Argentina didn't matter. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a social media site.

Pamela E. Bailey, Founder of Humannaturemanifesto.com

Ross McCulloch
“We worked closely with Keetup to deliver a high-profile social networking platform powered by Elgg. The timescale for delivery was tight but the team worked hard to ensure the project was completed within the deadline. Importantly Keetup are excellent communicators, always on hand when you have a question. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them for future projects.

Ross McCulloch, Founder of ThirdSectorLab

Santiago Merea
“Keetup has the expertise to make an elgg-based-website unique; a very important thing when using an open source software. We will be working with Keetup until they decide to kick us out of their client list.

Santiago Merea, Founder of Onlinecouples.com

Christopher Kata
“Having chosen Keetup from among several Elgg developers I interviewed I am extremely pleased with the work they've done. Keetup assisted in developing our clients entire site using Elgg and the client is thrilled with the results. The success of the project was in large part due to their experience with Elgg and I'm looking forward to our next project together

Christopher Kata, CTO / VP Operations at Spark Internet Marketing

Sebastian San Juan
Keetup ha sido un gran equipo que ha sabido llevar adelante el desarrollo encomendado para nuestra primera etapa del proyecto Farmsphere. La comunidad profesional fue customizada utilizando Elgg como base para el desarrollo, y ha demostrado mucha flexibilidad al momento de adaptarla a nuestro modelo de negocio.”

Sebastian San Juan, Co-founder and COO at Farmsphere.

Vanina Berghella
“Trabajé con Pedro y Gustavo, los responsables de Keetup en un proyecto relacionado al desarrollo de una red social de nicho utilizando la aplicación Elgg. Puedo decir que las grandes virtudes de este equipo a la hora de trabajar fueron la enorme capacidad de respuesta ante las consultas y requerimientos técnicos, la efectividad en la puesta en funcionamiento del producto y el compromiso en el proyecto demostrado en la predisposición y comunicación de cada acción. El equipo de Keetup, sabe hacer lo que ofrecen, son realmente profesionales.

Vanina Berghella, Consultant and project lider of social media products

Lucas Llauradó
“El profesionalismo del equipo de Keetup, en especial de Gustavo y de Pedro, me sorprendió gratamente. La velocidad de respuesta, la inciativa personal para aportar en el proyecto, los tiempos de entrega y los conocimientos técnicos, hacen de Keetup una empresa seria, responsable y comprometida con su clientes. El profesionalismo hecho empresa

Lucas Llauradó, Coordinador de la Red Social de Emprendedores Porteños

Pablo Colmenarejo
“He trabajado con ellos y han sido muy serios respetando los plazos y los alcances en los proyectos. Una buena elección.

Pablo Colmenarejo, Founder of Handicap0.com


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