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Gustavo Bellino Keetup said "Here we are! " in PHPConference Argentina 2014!

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The PHP Conference is an annual event; it gathers a community of developers and first-level world speakers. This year it took place in Centro Cultural Konex in Buenos Aires and it was attended by prestigious Fabien Potencier –Symfony Creator- Michael “Monty” Widenius –MySQL Creator- and Brad Fitzpatrick –Memcached Creator-) and other geniuses. 

This huge event motivated us to organize a trip with almost every developer at Keetup; such experience resulted in an explosive cocktail full of learning, laughter, some drinks and deep talks which made our journey an unforgettable experience.

Keetup team began the adventure on Thursday at the office where members took part in a FIFA 2014 tournament and a great foosball match -football table- while waiting for the bus that would later collect us all.

After 7 hours of travelling in foggy weather– time for anecdotes and some snores as well- we tried to be full of beans for the morning ahead. After dealing with General Paz traffic we finally arrived and were able to check in and get ready for the first talks of the day.  Lots of adrenaline and expectations due to the different lectures scheduled. 

We all kept our expectations high and the second day also provided us with excellent speeches indeed. Unfortunately, we had to leave early and we missed the prize drawing. During our way back home we shared individual experiences and feelings about the conference.

In conclusion, we all agreed to the fact that sharing this experience as a team goes beyond the conference itself and the learning. We truly believe this unites us. Thus, it is highly valuable. 

No doubts Keetup members will be taking part of PHP Conference again in 2015!

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Gustavo Bellino First Keetup Breakfast!

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Two weeks ago we, members of Keetup, met for breakfast in our offices in order to talk about important issues that concern us.

During this meeting we were glad to listen to lectures Diego Gallardo, Pedro Prez and myself Gustavo Bellino. We spoke about Agility, Productivity, Product Quality and Project Deployments.

Even though it was a rainy Saturday morning, we were really happy about the results and acceptance amongst members of the company. All those who had previously committed themselves to this event were there.

We truly believe this meeting has been very useful for Keetup members and we are planning to continue with such activities all throughout the rest of the year. Our goal as members of Keetup is to share knowledge and contribute to the growth of the company – we believe we are a small family made up of great people. Useful meetings and great chances for pastries and coffee!

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Gustavo Bellino We have certified ISO 9001:2008 and we are agile!

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Keetup is a company based on agile techniques and ideas; we have learnt that Order and Procedures are necessary in order to make our tasks sustainable, precise and efficient. That is why today we are proud to inform that for the third successive year we have certified ISO 9001:2008. We, however, know that a very great deal remains to be done; there is still much to learn. Therefore, we are keen on getting better, learning and improving ourselves so that we can reach our goals and do what we love, to develop and offer our clients excellent software and add a lot of value to our clients.

We certainly want to thank all members of Keetup whose work, talent and creativity make the continuing strengthening of our company possible.

Gustavo Bellino & Pedro Prez

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Facundo Castagna The companies are made of people … and Keetup has a Team!

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Never better said this truth ... Beyond its products or services companies are made of people.

This year has been a year of big achievements. We grew, we’ve got completed projects, we’ve satisfied clients and created big social networks. We love what we do. Making yours ideas come to life is our 'leit motiv', making dreams come Social Networks. But this is just possible with passion and professionalism; with commitment. Creating a team. But fundamentally our big secret is possible with people who is not only leading but also behind the company.  

Our company grew. There is new people that have been added to the team, and we all together keep growing. Highlighting Keetup’s culture: passion, fun, commitment, and innovation.

And as the team deserved, we wanted to give a big party to celebrate all this. Because we believe it’s necessary to celebrate. We are a company that likes celebrations. All the team and their families arranged to meet and have a beautiful day off work. We strongly feel Keetup is our home. 

We cad barbecue, cheese and Italian salami, snacks, wine, beer and little Keetupers playing around (our future!!), raffle awards and a lot of fun. 


Because Keetup is made of people, we toast for each one of them. 

Keetup has a GREAT TEAM!

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Facundo Castagna CELEBRATE!

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Today we are not talking about business, projects, trends or innovations. Today is a date to celebrate and to be thankful; to laugh and toast. 

After a year of a lot of work and and growth, a lot of fun, hours of ‘mate’ and passion, holidays are here, almost without noticing. 

Christmas symbolises peace, love, family, union, and hope. That is why we want to use this way to wish you a Merry Christmas!! to everybody who trusts and will trust us, our customers, to our friends and specially to those who have a lot of patience with us, to our families who form this great team, Keetup!

We hope Jesus brings us all love, peace, health and a lot of happiness. To you all, your families and the people you love. 

And 2014 is coming! Keetup wishes you a great year, full of happiness, fulfilled dreams and new ones to fulfill. 

Once again, happy holidays!

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Pedro Prez

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Gustavo Bellino

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