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How to validate my business idea

When starting a business it is essential to go through enough filters to discard any error, to know whether the ideas that go through your head are good enough to be accepted in the market and achieve long-term return to your company a big business and successful.That is why now we present ideas to validate the idea of your business and to make sure no mistakes before starting the market, it is...

We created Balotaje 2015, 20,000 downloads in 4 days

For the first time, an application can compare two candidates in terms of their government policies and opinions. Mauricio Macri (Cambiemos) and Daniel Scioli (Frente Para la Victoria) face on mobile devices, when a users pick their best presidential choices facing the 2015 presidential ballot.

We created "Dolar One", a free Application to understand the dollar exchange rate

Do you know which is the dollar exchange rate of the blue dollar? And savings dollar? What about the exchange rate of the tourist dollar? What is the history rate of the dollar in the stock market? All these questions are answered by “Dollar One”, the free application that shows the present and historical dollar rate.

The Perfect Anatomy of a Mobile App

Building a Business App People Actually Want to UseDid you know that the typical smartphone has an average of 65 apps, but only 15 are used daily? Did you know less than half the people who download an app will open it more than once?Yet people want to do more – be more productive, be more available, be more informed, and be more active – through their phones.So how can you deliver an...

Four Reasons Why Your App Should Include Push Notifications

As a regular behaviour, we always recommend to include the ability to send out push notifications into all mobile applications. Here are four reasons why:


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