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How to track a phonegap application with google analytics

To have a successful mobile application a number of elements must be present, in the right way and accurate time. It is necessary to have a good idea and implement it well. However, it is important to know how users use the application and what they do within it. This allow us to improve the application based in facts. In this guide we will explain how to obtain metrics of an application built...

5 Steps to innovate in the company

It’s difficult to avoid the idea that innovation involves a full scrap and tools lost in the dust loft, an isolated genius in his workshop doing experiments like Nikola Tesla or Leonardo inventing machines that are beyond logic, science and technical possibilities. But in the XXI century, innovation became a workspace with resources and objectives. So in this post, you have 5 Steps to...

Christmas is close. The year 2015 goes away.

There are christmas trees everywhere. The lights illuminate the entrance of the houses. Families gather together around the table. A new Christmas is coming. And the year 2015 says goodbye. It is time for balances, to put in a box all the bad and all the good on the table. All corrections that need to be done will be managed indoors. But the good stuff, will manage now, because the best of keetup...

Mobile App Development Tools

After a while developing mobile applications, there are several issues to consider for our days of development.In our case, we use some tools that facilitate us the work.The hybrid mobile applications are based on Phonegap, angularjs and Ionic, so the tools we will use are directly related to these technologies and languages.

The top ten mistakes entrepreneurs make

Every entrepreneur knows that running a business is no easy task. It means having an idea that is technically feasible, have a team to run it and above all (especially!), that the whole package is profitable. A road full of obstacles. Today we will mention the 10 most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when managing their business.


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Pedro Prez

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Diego Gallardo

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