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Facundo Castagna The companies are made of people … and Keetup has a Team!

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Never better said this truth ... A business beyond its products or services, are made of people.

This year has been a year of big achievements. We grew, we’ve got completed projects, satisfied clients and big social networks. We love what we do. To convert an idea into reality is our 'leit motiv', to convert dreams into Social Networks. But this is just possible with passion and professionalism. With commitment. Creating a team. But fundamentally, our big secret, it is possible with the people that is behind (or actually, at front) of the company.  

Our company grew. There is new people that has being added to the team, and we all together, keep growing. Accentuating Keetup’s culture: passion, to have fun, commitment, and innovation.

And, as the Team deserved, we wanted to give a big party to celebrate this. Because its necessary to celebrate. We are a company that likes celebrations. And we have proposed to ourselves to have a beautiful day joining all the Team and their families. Because we feel Keetup as our own home. 

Barbecue could not miss, we had cheese and italian salami snacks, wine, beer, little Keetupers playing around (our future!!), lottery awards and a lot of fun. 


Because Keetup is made of people, we toast for each one of them. 

Keetup has a GREAT TEAM!

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Facundo Castagna CELEBRATE!

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Today we are not talking about business or projects. Or trends or innovations. Today is a date to celebrate and to be thankful. To laugh and to toast. 

After a year of a lot of work and and growth, a lot of fun, hours of ‘mate’ and passion, Holidays are here, almost without noticing. 

Christmas symbolises peace, love, family, union, and hope. That is why we want to use this way to wish you a Merry Christmas!! to everybody who trusted, trust and will trust us, our customers, to our friends and specially to those who have a lot of patience with us, our families who form this great team, Keetup!

We hope Jesus brings us all love, peace, health and a lot of happiness. To you all, your families and the people you love. 

And 2014 is coming! Keetup wishes you a great year, full of happiness, dreams to make true, and new ones to reach. 

Once again, happy holidays!

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Gustavo Bellino Keetup, a global company

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Keetup has been, since its inception, international trade oriented company. Our focus on improving continuously led us to participate in a course that enhances our business model outward.

With great joy we would like to communicate - after a year of work - we received the certificate proving our participation in the Course of Internationalization Enterprise Software and Computer Services, offered jointly by the University of the Littoral and the Ministry of Production of Santa Fe

The course consisted on defining, together with tutors assigned certain goals aimed to follow in the path of internationalization of our services and Keetup identity.

We are very proud to have achieved the objectives we intensify our way to globalization and improving our value proposition around social networking.


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German Bortoli Notify Everybody released v1.1

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Good news for everyone who loves notify every single user of your social network.

We made a new product that can notify everybody and has the hability to create mail campaigns, so you can now customize the emails depending the user countries or interests.


  • List of email campaigns with status message if completed or not.
  • Add an option to "Notify everybody" or create "Segmented" emails.
  • Segmented emails can filter users by country or interests (tag search autocomplete).
  • Hability to exclude users from segmented emails.

Remember to join the keetup products page for more information about this module.


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German Bortoli Top notifications updated to 1.1

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We are working continuosly to add extra user friendly features, now all notifications updates automatically without page refresh needed.

We support the following plugins:

  • Friend Requests (community plugin)
  • Messages (core plugin)
  • Site notifications (built in module)

Other features included in this version are:

  • Friend request actions links, into top notifications, now works with ajax.
  • Bugfix related when someone delete an user or any object, for example, blog, files, etc.

Check this module into the keetup products section, or you also can view how it works in a working demo clicking here.

Regards, the Keetup Team.


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Pedro Prez

Pedro Prez

Co-founder, Developer and Technical Advisor on Elgg

Gustavo Bellino

Gustavo Bellino

Co-founder and Project leader

Diego Gallardo

Diego Gallardo

Expert Elgg developer

Natalia Hallam

Natalia Hallam

Sketches + colours + dreams = Creative Design

German Bortoli

Germán Bortoli

Expert developer on AJAX Tecnologies

Leandro Rivero

Leandro Rivero

Advisor and Community Manager




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