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Reloop.me online!

The CEO of reloop.me (and also creator of Weejiboo), Patricio Barciela, explains to us: "Reloop.Me is a Portfolio of events and conferences ... it was created for speakers and organizers of events to communicate contents and evaluate the impact of their conferences." The idea is simple, reloop.me lists the most important events of Argentina, allowing the speakers...

Elgg 1.8.11 is ready!

We would like to thank all the Elgg team for giving us updates constantly, and then, we would like to communicate that the versions of Elgg 1.8.11 and 1.7.16 are ready. As usual you can download them on the official site. The version 1.8.11 solves a security problem accidentally added on the version 1.8.10, and the last one incorporates very important and useful news, like: A list of...

Keetup sponsor of Santa Fe Valley 2012

The same as 2011, Keetup will sponsor the last "Santa Fe Valley of the year 2012 and we are very proud about it. As usually the event is going to have sweepstakes and beer to have a relaxed time with collegues and friends. The event is going to be in "Predio UNL/ATE" on Thursday November 22th (19:30 hs) and the topic of the event is going to be “Perspectives of online entrepreneurships...

We are proud to launch Cercamia.com

  Cercamia is a social network to exchange knowledge, presents, events, projects, languages, and much more. You just have to register and login cercamia.com and add your interests, select what you would like to offer, and what you would like to get in exchange, you have to suggest something you would like to invite, and what you would like to be invited for, and then you...

Professional Elgg Theme 1.3 is here!

  The version 1.3 of "Professional Elgg Theme" is ready. We have made a big effort to make this the best elgg theme for 1.8 and we are very happy with the result. The new incorporations of this new version are: We fixed the grill view on the file list section. We fixed an error on the internal messages list section.  We fixed the different button sizes for "Add" and "Edit" on...


Pedro Prez

Pedro Prez

CEO | Co-Founder

Gustavo Bellino

Gustavo Bellino

Commercial Manager | Co-Founder

Diego Gallardo

Diego Gallardo

Project Manager

Franco Vénica

Franco Vénica

Scrum Master and Testing Manager

Natalia Hallam

Natalia Hallam

Sketches + colours + dreams = Creative Designer


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