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German Bortoli Notify Everybody released v1.1

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Good news for everyone who loves notifying every single user of your social network.

We made a new product that can notify everybody and has the ability to create mail campaigns, so you can now customize the emails depending on the user countries or interests.


  • List of email campaigns with status message if completed or not.
  • Add an option to "Notify everybody" or create "Segmented" emails.
  • Segmented emails can filter users by country or interests (tag search autocomplete).
  • Ability to exclude users from segmented emails.

Remember to join the keetup products page for more information about this module.


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German Bortoli Top notifications updated to 1.1

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We are working continuosly to add extra user friendly features, now all notifications update automatically without page refresh needed.

We support the following plugins:

  • Friend Requests (community plugin)
  • Messages (core plugin)
  • Site notifications (built in module)

Other features included in this version are:

  • Friend request actions links, into top notifications, now works with ajax.
  • Bugfix related when someone deletes a user or any object, for example, blog, files, etc.

Check this module into the keetup products section, or you also can view how it works in a working demo clicking here.

Regards, the Keetup Team.


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German Bortoli New version of Share on Activity - 1.2

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Share on Activity has been updated to the version 1.2, we have been working in a lot of bugfixes and features.

They are:

  • Fixed when professional elgg theme was not enabled.
  • Fixed facebook sharing.
  • Fixed duplicated river load more item.
  • Fixed load more functionality.
  • Fixed new activities button counter, now displays correctly the values related with current filter tab.
  • Fixed filter based on "tabs".
  • Add extra validation on tidypics, the tab to publish a photo, now disables when tidypics module is not correctly configured for share on activity (For more info read INSTALL.txt file).

You can check the "Share on Activity" on the demo site http://plugins4all.com/



Regards the Keetup Team.

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German Bortoli Events Plugin 1.2 available now

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A new version for events plugin is now available to buy in our product page, we added new and cool features.

  • Add all day event option, now you can mark an event as all day duration.
  • Full Spanish language support.
  • Add a dashboard widget, it will appear on sidebar with latest events.
  • Improvements for invite users button.
  • Improvements on event tab, now it is possible to view the invited users if you are the owner of the current event.
  • Add user friendly tabs on event profile.
  • Better invite users form.

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German Bortoli New version of Professional Elgg Theme 1.5.1

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We are continuously working to be the best elgg theme on the market, for that reason we have to include a new release that includes many bugfixes.

This release includes:

  • Breadcrumb style fix.
  • Add new default logo, for your social network.
  • Better integration with profile manager plugin.
  • Fix on blogs listing style.
  • Professional Elgg theme backward compatibility fix with style variables.

We encourage to upgrade to this version as soon is possible.

You can try the theme here.

If you want to get that theme please visit our products section.


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