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Change the company culture

Experts agree that changing the culture of a company is usually one of the most difficult challenges that can face the direction and managers of a company. Learned and internalized behaviors, resistance to change, the time required and the extra resources required make this task a process that can take months of work at different levels and with different tools.

Home screen: the new identikit

John sent a friend request to Natalia. They already know each other in real life, thanks to their friends. They chat. She mentions where he studied. He explains where he works. Emoticons sent until Juan get her phone number and they exchange emojis by WhatsApp.

Hybrid Apps (phonegap) vs Native Apps

The app world in our mobile devices is a reality. The stores are full of applications, both entertainment and others that provide services. Some years ago, the company that didn’t have a website was lost in the world. Today, the company that doesn’t have a mobile app is heading the same destiny.

We created Balotaje 2015, 20,000 downloads in 4 days

For the first time, an application can compare two candidates in terms of their government policies and opinions. Mauricio Macri (Cambiemos) and Daniel Scioli (Frente Para la Victoria) face on mobile devices, when a users pick their best presidential choices facing the 2015 presidential ballot.

We created "Dolar One", a free Application to understand the dollar exchange rate

Do you know which is the dollar exchange rate of the blue dollar? And savings dollar? What about the exchange rate of the tourist dollar? What is the history rate of the dollar in the stock market? All these questions are answered by “Dollar One”, the free application that shows the present and historical dollar rate.


Pedro Prez

Pedro Prez

CEO | Co-Founder

Gustavo Bellino

Gustavo Bellino

Commercial Manager | Co-Founder

Diego Gallardo

Diego Gallardo

Project Manager

Franco Vénica

Franco Vénica

Scrum Master and Testing Manager

Natalia Hallam

Natalia Hallam

Sketches + colours + dreams = Creative Designer


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