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What is a smart company?

Companies, as such, are organic structures without their own decisions and are not managed by themselves. The economic success is a reflection of the work done behind closed doors by people who do make decisions (more or less consensual) and perform actions that affect the entire organization and its environment. A smart company is, then, an organization able to detect changes in their...

What is a startup?

A group of friends eating pizza on Friday night. All have a high degree of professionalism, but not necessarily in the same discipline. Playing to tell ideas. They add three, then they subtract two and add another later, ideas that arise between the mozzarella and the conversation. There is one that sounds strong and viable enough to  be executed. They do some accounts. They require little...

Innovation within the company

The word “innovation” became very popular and we no longer remember what is it about. That’s the reason why, to actually innovate in an organization, we’ll need to recall our memory and find the real meaning of the word.Innovation takes us to a process that starts from the birth of a concept, up to the actual deployment of the solution, product or service. A new space...

Socialus is renewed with improvements

We are very pleased to announce that we have completed a new phase with more improvements and bug corrections of Socialus. Check what's new in Socialus!

Socialus, the foundation for future social networks

We are very glad to inform you about a special date; that is Socialus launch day! Socialus is a social platform that enables a faster and more efficient way of validating an idea; with minimum investment. Find out the full potential of Social in this post.


Pedro Prez

Pedro Prez

CEO | Co-Founder

Gustavo Bellino

Gustavo Bellino

Commercial Manager | Co-Founder

Diego Gallardo

Diego Gallardo

Project Manager

Franco Vénica

Franco Vénica

Scrum Master and Testing Manager

Natalia Hallam

Natalia Hallam

Sketches + colours + dreams = Creative Designer


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