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Pedro Prez Barcamp Camp - The largest unconference about technology in the World

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"BarCamp is an international network of" de "(open and participatory events), whose content is provided by the participants. They focus on early-stage web applications, open source technologies and social protocols. However, this type of event has expanded its theme and now include participatory events and open about social issues, art, education ... with strong creative and innovative components in the respective areas, so defining the term wikipedia BarCamp.

Barcamp Coast, is an event where Keetup with other companies and individuals related to technology and with the support of the Government of Santa Fe, the city of Santa Fe and the Universidad Nacional del Litoral try transimitir that spirit of sharing, teaching , exchange ideas that fosters a space like this.

The event will be held on May 7, 2011, the ATE-UNL campus and starts from 9am.

They invited all the people you are involved day-to-date with technology ... I mean ... EVERYONE!

Do not forget that the event is free, can be recorded on the following link:

For more information be sure to visit the official website of Barcamp Coast

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Pedro Prez Cheatsheet for Elgg 1.8

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Programming large systems is not easy for a programmer. Especially if you have to know much of the system that works. Much of the time spent working on large systems (such as Elgg) is looking / remembering name of this function: what it was called the function that did this, how do I do this one, etc. That's why the cheatsheet is a great solution for us, programmers (hey, they will not set by us, will only be a help;)).

Since I work with Elgg, and almost 3 years, was eager to develop one that always ended up putting it off for one thing or another. But it was yesterday that the "great" Evan Winslow (Elgg Core Developer), published in an Elgg wiki entry with the most useful features for Elgg 1.8 (I'll write a post about the same.) This is where I take ownership and, based on the writings of Evan, I give you style and harmonize the first Cheatsheet Elgg, I have thought be updated because, as many know, Elgg is a social network and how much encompasses many functions, events , hooks, etc.

I hope it will and will keep abreast of updates to it.

You can download it here:

Elgg 1.8 Cheatsheet


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Pedro Prez IOS platform developer seek to develop an innovative game

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IOS platform developer seek to develop an innovative game

Keetup Development, a leading developer in the city of Santa Fe, looking to hire: Developer of video games for the platform iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) to develop an innovative game.

The requirements to be met by the candidate are: realizing the development on this platform (inclusive), carrying at least one game (which contains levels, sounds and graphics, developed on any platform), experience of at least two years as a developer , working knowledge of Mac environments (inclusive), capacity for teamwork, problem-solving capacity and knowledge in the English language.

We offer: Excellent working environment and great opportunities for professional growth.

If you are interested in joining this project, send a CV to: info@keetup.com, with the subject: Development iOS / CV: (name of applicant)

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Pedro Prez Barcamp Buenos Aires 2010, we were there!

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Just as last year, this year we do not want to miss the event
which brings together major geeks Argentina: Buenos Aires Barcamp.

How could it be otherwise, we wanted to share some of the knowledge acquired in the daily lives of our offices, and present a talk called:
PHP program and now what? Testing, Deployment and Continuous Integration.
Basically, the presentation tries to tell that this is the Continuous Integration in
working environments with the programming language PHP.

The presentation can view it here:

In relation to the event's true that we have found a barcamp consecutive year that has not left us wanting nothing more comprehensive.

I hope we can be next year in order to return to barcamp share some tasty beers and doing networking!

Congratulations to the team of Barcamp Buenos Aires

Links to this post:

Official Site Barcamp Buenos Aires: http://www.barcamp.com.ar

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Pedro Prez PHP Developer looking Keetup

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Hey Geek!

We can not deny that we are geeks Keetup few exceptions not to be named in this post.

That's why we are not satisfied with a good programmer, but we seek the best.

If you think you are compatible with "our philosophy" (read on another edition of this blog has not yet published;)) do not hesitate to write ...

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