Great news for Initial Station in Santa Fe

There is great news in Santa Fe City, Argentina!!

Three days ago the Government signed an agreement to clean and urbanize more than 240.000 meters nearby the Belgrano Train Station. This is the land where Initial Station is planned to be. 

You may wonder what is Initial Station? and how is this related to Keetup? well, it is related to Keetup and all software companies of the Technological Cluster of Companies of Santa Fe (CTSF).

Initial Station is a project that consists of developing more than 3 buildings in an area that, nowadays, is not being used by the city. These buildings will be the place for Software and Technological companies that will be able to host more than 5,000 workers. This will provide the companies to work together and act as an expandable collaborative unit. 

You can find more about Initial Station in its official web site

It is a great step for this incredible and amazing project led by Matías Rivero and his collaborators like the architect Juan Ignacio Lopez, whom we are glad to personally know. 

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