What is the Mobile First?

It is a concept that begins to resonate between designers and programmers, and arises from a change of behavior in users in relation to the use of mobile: most of them access the internet from their cell phones. They are Mobile First users.

Although Responsive Web Design has been very popular during the last years, which is adaptation of websites to mobile devices, currently, considering that more than half of internet users access through mobile, it is necessary to rethink the strategy and, mainly, rethink Web Design Process.

Mobile First proposes to design a Web Page for mobile terminals first, and then optimize it to be efficient on the computer screens.

But Mobile First is not just a matter of superficial design, it involves a real transformation that starts from the heart of the companies. It is necessary to think that in the digital world we come from the legacy of the PC, so the first gesture is usually to adapt what we have to other devices. When we talk about Mobile First this is not helpful. We have to go further and do a deep analysis of how our business is structured, how mobile contributes to our company and how users behave when they contact the brand through the Smartphone.

“Being a Mobile First company means having a mobile strategy as a priority and base of the business that facilitates interactivity with customers, be proactive and generate competitive advantages”. Andrés Macario.

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