Learning platform based on movieclips


Double Healix is the company behind MovieLearning, they approached Keetup with the goal to develop from scratch a platform that allows training with an e-learning format through videos. From the beginning we have advised the client to optimize resources and achieve the best product with the desired investment.


The main objective of the project  was to create an online learning platform , accessible from computers and tablets, with the interaction capacity of users and content administrators.

It was very important to achieve a synergy between the different types of users of the platform; either from individual users, to small companies and to large companies worldwide.

Approach & Solution

The project is under development since 2013, it is currently in its second version, since it was necessary to evolve the technologies used in the platform.

From the beginning, planning is the most important for the orderly development of this project. It is organized in monthly stages and deliveries, in which new functionalities are built and improvements on what exists. 

The platform is built using the following technologies: Node.js, Angular, PostgreSQL. 
The structure is up and running on Google Cloud servers, which allows monitoring and scalability on demand.


Client's testimony

Odoo • Image and Text

"Keetup has built an excellent e-learning platform, we have been working with them for more than 5 years and we are very satisfied with their work."

Isodoor Jonker - Product Owner at Double Healix

Testimonial Video

We are very happy to have such a Great Client!


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