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Pluv is Service information Center for pet's owners


PLUV is a company that approached Keetup with the goal of being the largest pet information center in the world. The client literally specified "I want to be the google for the pet owners".

From the beginning we have advised the client to establish the right business model to be scalable and profitable.

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The main objective of the project was to create a social network and a pet information center in a mobile application that works for Android and for iOS.

The fundamental part of the business model was to gather users who provide services (such as veterinarians, dog walkers and health centers) with users who own pets. Additionally to join users with common interests.

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Made for pet lovers

Approach & Solution

Before starting to create the application there were many meetings with the client to establish the business model with a long-term strategy.

The structure of the application was defined (designed on paper), and usability was validated with potential users.

The application allows users to create pets and assign a badge, which can be geolocated in case the pet is lost.

Once the potential users and the client approved the proposal, we started the creation of PLUV mobile application. Its development took 5 months and 9 sprints.

The structure is up in Heroku. Up to the present day the application never went down.

Client's testimony

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